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Barbara R Lovelady, MSW, LCSW, LCAS, CSI, Executive Director

Our business owner and founder, Barbara Lovelady, became interested in social work as she was growing up and saw the needs in her family and community, which led her to become the first in her family to obtain a degree. Before cell phones and email, Barbara was struck by how people were living on the street with no phone services and therefore couldn’t be reached for job follow-ups. She implemented a service where those who didn’t have regular access to phone lines could be reached and as a result many were able to find employment. Barbara has also gone to Mexico and Guatemala to gain experience on how locals would heal trauma in their communities. She has a strong background in in-patient and out-patient addiction facilities as well, as she was in such facilities studying the effects of trauma on addiction. Barbara strives to maintain a counseling center that focuses on the needs and development of individual clients and therapists. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, dear friends, and her sweet dog and cat

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Need to reach out to me? Please feel free to reach me here!

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Elizabeth Wolff-Francis, LCSW

I have been a therapist since 2000 and have had my independent social work license since 2005. I decided to get a Masters in Social Work and become a therapist because I realized that it can be challenging to see how to be as strong as we can be in ourselves without the support of another person. This might be because of difficulties life has dealt us, trauma we’ve experienced, fears we have, etc. I think exploring how to work through these to be able to move forward happens well in a therapeutic relationship.

I can help you gain clarity and find new ways to move through old challenges. Together, we will work toward deepening your connection to your core self and engaging more fully in the life you want. I provide an affirming and supportive space to process family of origin issues, grief, loss, trauma, relationship struggles, and feelings of worry or anxiety.

Originally trained in Freudian theory, I have studied Eco-therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness, Play Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Couples Therapy, Feminist

theory, and Mindfulness. I am fluent in both Spanish and English. My approach to therapy is

strengths-based with a trauma-informed style.

I welcome the inclusion of individual interests and experiences and support the development of a strong therapeutic relationship. I believe in the importance of a client-centered, collaborative approach to clinical work, considering the whole person and honoring individual differences and cultural contexts. I strive to support growth, self-understanding, and adaptive skill-building in an open and nonjudgmental space.

Need to reach out to me? Please feel free to reach me here!

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Erin Carrier, LCSW, LCASA

Erin is a therapist at Blue Rose Counseling who began working in non-profits and crisis
intervention agencies in 1997, primarily in the field of interpersonal violence. Her work shifted
later to a focus on mental health, substance abuse, and chronic illness. Erin first became
interested in working with people as a result of taking a Women’s Studies class in college which
challenged her to think more about systems that either support or undermine connection and
wellness. On the weekends, Erin enjoys reading, cooking, spending time with her family, and
enjoying outdoors and wildlife. She has two cats and looks forward to the day she can be a dog
mom again. Erin is proud that she was able to go back to school when she was ready to pursue
social work as a profession.

Need to reach out to me? Please feel free to reach me here!

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