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Dana, Office Administrator

Dana comes from a background in insurance and is working towards her passion of addiction studies. She is currently in school for Neuropsychology with a focus in addiction studies with the hopes to give back to her community. When she's not working or studying,  she's spending time with her dog and two cats. 

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Nathan, Administrative Systems Specialist

Nathan got his professional career started with Blue Rose Counseling, though he showed a passion for technology for years in his previous settings, including making this website! Between taking classes relating to hardware and software, paired with a strong natural intuition, he has always taken an interest in computers. Nathan has two adorable birds named Mango and Henry, as well as a handsome kitten named Beans, and when Nathan is not working, he enjoys working with food, or playing card or video games. Someday he’d even like to win a regional tournament for one of his games!  

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