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At the moment, all services offered are telehealth, until further notice.

Individual Therapy/Counseling Sessions

Avg. time: 45-50 min

The type of therapy/counseling will vary depending on each person's needs. Generally, it will consist of talk therapy, focused on finding patterns, and gaining insight. The pace of therapy will depend on each individual and their comfort level.

Avg. time: Individual session approximately 50 min, group time between 60-90 min

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of therapy that helps with emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, stress tolerance, and mindfulness. It includes individual sessions along with weekly DBT skills group.

Group Sessions

Avg. time: Varies

Group schedules will be available as required. Group times will vary depending on group needs. Groups will be provided upon interest. If you have an interest in a particular group, please let us know so we can look into beginning the group. Past groups have included depression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTQ+ support, and recovery work.

Mental Health Assessments

Avg. time: 60-90 min

This is a complete, comprehensive, clinical mental health assessment. Since this is your initial session, it will be a brief overview of your life, relationships, and issues that you would like to focus on. Nothing will be explored in depth on this day.

Substance Use Assessments

Avg. time: 120 min

This includes a 14-panel urine drug screening, alcohol screening on request, as well as a full ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) evaluation to determine the most appropriate type of treatment, and any additional needs you may have related to substance use. This service is not covered by insurance and will need to be covered out of pocket.

Consult/CFT Meeting

Avg. time: 60 min

Any requested CFTs can be provided either in person or by telephone. These services are not covered by insurance and will need to be covered out of pocket.

Crisis Intervention

Avg. time: 5-15 min

This is typically between scheduled appointments when something urgent comes up and cannot wait. It may be a crisis or strong urges that you are requesting coaching for. Clinicians are available during working hours, and crisis numbers will be provided for after-hour support.

Case Management

Avg. time: 15 min

Case management is not covered by insurance and will need to be covered out of pocket. Case management will only be provided for rare circumstances.

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